EasyTREK SP-500

  • The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
    The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.
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  Process instrumentation VII.
11. Dec. 2010.       
The process flow of the energy-production with coal-powered steam boiler is illustrated by the latest of NIVELCO’s animated flow chart series.
Continuous metering and switching as well as temperature monitoring of the raw (coal) and auxiliary (feed water, condense water) materials are required by the technology used in this type of energy production. Instruments suiting the application as per NIVELCO’s recommendation will appear with their full specification when clicking on the appropriate symbol on the chart.
  Veteran Mountain Runner in the colours of NIVELCO
03. Dec. 2010.       
We would like to congratulate Karak Štefan on his outstanding performance achieved in the colours of NIVELCO!
The 59 years old Karak Štefan runs in the mountains for 25 years, he took part three times on the Veteran World Mountain Running Championship, also took part on mountain marathons in the Alps, in the Frankfurt Marathon in Germany, the Davos Ultra Marathon in Switzerland, and lots of local races achieving outstanding positions in his age-group.
In this year, as the first and only Slovakian participant, he took the admirable 22nd place from the 100 runners in the 100.3 km distance of Ruhpolding Mountain Ultra Marathon managing to overcome 4500 meters of vertical height difference. At his workplace in the Thermal Power Plant in Nemeskosztolány, NIVELCO is represented with numerous instruments thanks to our Slovakian distributor (Microwell), so the idea was born that Karak Štefan would has more possibilities to reach more and more successes with the support of NIVELCO.
In this year as the result of this fruitful cooperation, he reached the finish line at the 31st position in the Veteran World Mountain Running Championship in Korbielow, Poland and took 2nd place in the 50+ category in the High Tatras in the equipments provided by NIVELCO.
  Winter shutdown
23. Nov. 2010.       
Please be informed that also this year NIVELCO will be closed between the 24th of Decemember 2010 and the 2nd of January 2011 due to winter holidays.
We will resume operations on the 3rd of January.
According to the shipping terms in our Price book, if you send your orders till the 3rd of December, we should send out your shipments till the 23rd of December. We recommend you to send your orders till the 26th of November to be sure that we can deliver it till the 23rd of December without problems, because the amount of ordered items incresed in the last few months by approx. 30%.
Your orders received after this date will be collected here and will be processed on a "first come first served” basis. Please note that we will start shipping in the New Year after the 10th of January 2011. During the first week of January we can deliver only products that are available from stock. A hot-line service by our export staff will be available on the following days: 23rd, 28th, 29th and 30th of December.
  NIVELCO conference in Pula
27. Oct. 2010.       
Between 10 and 14 November 2010 an international conference and exhibition will be held in Pula, a coastal Adriatic town of Croatia named: CURRENT ISSUES IN WATER SUPPLY AND SEWAGE. NIVELCO will contribute with its own exhibition as well as with two presentations held. A general Company Introduction followed by a product and application overview and a technical one on 'New generation of transmitters for on line pH measurements' will be presented by Mr. Damir Zibrat, NIVELCO’s local hand.
Water supply and sewage treatment has a great importance in Croatia especially in the Adriatic coast areas where the crystal-clear seawater is essential for tourism. Hundreds of participants from Croatia and abroad are expected, and also significant number of exhibitors.
Please do not hesitate to visit NIVELCO’s stand!
  3 years warranty
19. Oct. 2010.       
NIVELCO announces a 3 years general warranty for all its products from 2010 September 1!
Hoping for an enthusiastic reception of the above and trusting your decision will fall on us next time when specifying or selecting equipment for your application.
We are confident that this announcement shall improve our standing among the manufacturers of industrial equipment and will reinforce NIVELCO-s image as a world class producer, since 3 years is an unusually long warranty period in our segment of industries.
  New NIVELCO Movie
28. Sep. 2010.       
Hungarian representative of industrial measurement technologies, especially level measurement, NIVELCO Co. always has been manufactured instruments to provide solutions for automatized and efficient production management.
In order to present the operating conditions and variety of application possibilities of NIVELCO instruments, marketing team of NIVELCO decided to step up with a new film.
NIVELCO instrumented sites like beverage factory, quarry, steel, plaster and aluminium factory, cannery, sewage plant, waterworks and even a drilling-mud factory had taken into pictures with wide range of NIVELCO instruments from old to brand-new ones.
Please enjoy our new film!
  NIVELCO Magazine 2010/2
06. Sep. 2010.       
Esteemed Partner!
I do welcome you again and by commending our latest NIVELCO magazine aimed at highlighting the most significant achievements of our company in the year of 2010.
I proudly announce NIVELCO introducing 3-year full warranty for all products, starting with the 1st Sept 2010. I am confident that this announcement shall improve our standing among the manufacturers of industrial equipment and will reinforce NIVELCO-s image as a world class producer.
This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our Romanian subsidiary,NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii, a company dynamically expanding and increasing its market share over the years. Today Tehnica Masurarii is well known all over the country, their acceptance level and prestige growing along with sales.
For the first time in its history, NIVELCO exhibits on the IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 Trade Fare in Munich. Expecting a most positive outcome by being able to address a different clientele in the prestigious IFAT Trade Show, we also hope to witness the recovery of the global economy along with the same of our process control industries.
A new promotional video was shot recently on location mostly to illustrate the application possibilities of NIVELCO instruments.
We are counting on your visiting our exhibitions and numerous presentations of NIVELCO. In the hope the articles on the next pages will be helpful in your professional life, I commend again the 2nd edition of our magazine.
Szőllős Tamás President (CEO)
  NIVELCO making its debut on the IFAT
17. Aug. 2010.       
For the first time in its history, NIVELCO exhibits on the IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 in Munich.
IFAT poses an adventure for NIVELCO, a regular exhibitor of the Interkama show since 1989. Expecting a most positive outcome by being able to address a different clientele, we hope for a good exposure such as every exhibitor of a prestigious Trade Show as IFAT does.
Please visit our Stand no. 618 in Hall A4.
  Holiday Shutdown
23. Jul. 2010.       
The Hungarian headquarter of NIVELCO will have its usual Holiday Shutdown between the 24th of July and the 8th of August, it will resume full operations on the 9th of August.

A hot-line service by our export staff will be available during the timeframe of the shutdown.
We advise you to keep on sending your orders during our shutdown period because order processing will be done on "first come first served" basis.
Please note that we will start shipping in the 33. week (from 16th of August).
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  Instruments for water industry from drinking water to sewage!
23. Jul. 2010.       
NIVELCO has created a new colour brochure titled Water Industry Instrumentation.
The 6 page brochure highlights the instruments NIVELCO recommends for the water / wastewater applications. Instrument selection is aided by flowcharts depicting typical water production and purification processes.
  NIVELCO seminar in Porec
02. Jul. 2010.       
As a token of its increased marketing efforts in its southern neighbor country, NIVELCO is planning a series of technical seminars in Croatia.
The first of the series of seminars held in Hotel Dijamant at the seaside resort Porec was well attended while Mr. Damir Zibrat, NIVELCO's local hand introduced the company's portfolio of instruments.
Highlighted by Mr. Zibrat were the EasyTREK range of ultrasonic level as well as the AnaCONT range of pH transmitters.
  Museum of NIVELCO instruments
01. Jul. 2010.       
NIVELCO has an intention about presenting an exhibition of ultrasonic level instruments manufactured 20 years or more.

We ask our esteemed Partners & Customers for help about this collection!

There are still lots of operating old ultrasonic instruments in all over the world. If you have any of these instruments in operable conditions, NIVELCO offers to replace them freely to brand-new level transmitters.

If you share your application details and experiences with us, the technical colleagues will be rewarded with valued gifts.

We are looking forward for your reporting!
Thanks: NIVELCO Sales
  New office
20. May. 2010.       
Romanian affiliated firm of NIVELCO Co., the SC Nivelco Technika Masurarii SRL is waiting for its new and old esteemed partners in a new office from 2010. June 21.
In the future too we will at our customers’ disposal with experienced staff in our new office, which is located in the central part of Marosvásárhely in a modern building with easy approach, nice and friendly environment and above all with good parking conditions.
The new address: Marosvásárhely, Tudor Valdimirescu street 56/A, 1st floor
Opening hours of the office: Monday - Friday 8 AM - 17 PM
  Process instrumentation VI.
04. May. 2010.       
The production flow of a corn mill is illustrated by the latest of NIVELCO’s animated flow chart series.
Continous metering and switching as well as temperature monitoring of the raw and processed materials are required by the technology used in producing flour. Instruments suiting the application as per NIVELCO’s recommendation will appear with their full specification when clicking on the appropriate symbol on the chart.
  International Sales Meeting 2010
21. Apr. 2010.       
The biggest and most widely attended International Sales Meeting of NIVELCO held between the 15th and 17th of April has been a huge success inspite of air-travel problems overshadowing the event. Despite of the total blockage of the European airspace resulting in many cancellations of participation we have entertained 36 people from 24 countries.
Highlights of this Sales Meeting were the new AnaCONT range of Analytical transmitters along with NIVELCO's new System concept involving the MultiCONT controllers and the Nivision software.
Presentations and discussions were held in a friendly atmosphere, afternoons and evenings were spent in splendid mood.
  NIVELCO Magazine 2010/1
19. Mar. 2010.       
Esteemed Partner!

I wish to welcome you and recommend the latest issue of the NIVELCO Magazine on the occasion that year 2009 was a special date and important anniversary in the life of our family enterprise in several aspects.
We had the opportunity to review the passed 70 years since Endre Szőllős a young engineer of the ITT Standard Telephone Factory established his own company that was inherited and further developed by his sons Tamás and András Szőllős after his death 40 years ago. These 70 years are proof of the fact that with enough courage, commitment and honest and prudent business policy one can build up a manufacturing company that stands on its own in the world market turning out state of the art and competitive products of its own development.
This success could not been achieved without devoted, well trained technical-development, production and sales teams. I wish to thank their dedicated work and tireless efforts.
I hope you will read the articles on news about products, application technologies and business successes of our Company with great interest.

Szőllős Tamás President (CEO)
  Process instrumentation V.
04. Mar. 2010.       
The newest member of the NIVELCO’s process diagram series illustrates a cooling technologic process commonly used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industrial plants.
On the process diagram can be seen the cooling compressor applying ammonia, the circulating pump system and the liquid separator tank with the proposed NIVELCO devices.
  Process instrumentation IV.
14. Jan. 2010.       
The latest animated flow chart of NIVELCO’s new series depicts a common process in a food industry factory. The chart shows the recommended NIVELCO solutions to control the process of the disinfection and cleaning of a beverage tank (e.g. milk tank).
The disinfection process (CIP) consists of feeding cold water, hot water, acidic water and steam.
By using a conductivity transmitter at the end of the process it can easily be determined if the washing water should be recycled in the CIP process or if it has to be diverted to a waste water tank.
04. Nov. 2010.

UNICONT PSW ultrasonic pump control system

The UNICONT PSW is a totally new product of NIVELCO.

The low-cost unit provides for automatic level control in domestic sewage sumps or pits using level output of an IP68 protected ultrasonic level transmitter. The fully maintenance-free system provides for higher safety in contrast to simple float switches.
20. Oct. 2010.

NivoTRACK with longer range

A magnetostrictive level transmitter with a longer range was a longstanding requirement of the market.

From now on, this challenge will be answered by NIVELCO extending the range up to 15 m.

The SAP-300 display unit featuring a dot-matrix panel and already used by the MicroTREK and by our analytical transmitters will be introduced to the NivoTRACK also with this product launch.

  Revamped MultiCONT
01. Oct. 2010.       
A new MultiCONT featuring a higher quality transreflective display and on-board logging capabilities is launched. On board logging is limited at 65000 entries but a standard SD card extends logging capabilities up to 2 GB.
Logged data is retrievable through the USB port also provided.
25. May. 2010.

Expanding the AnaCONT range: Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

The fourth in the row of NIVELCO’s AnaCONT range of instruments is the Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter.

Measuring the relative amount of oxygen in the liquid is the need of various market segments all dealing with water in practically all of its manifestations from clean to contaminated.

With the Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter emerging as a product, NIVELCO regards the first part of its development project aimed at becoming an accepted vendor on the field of Liquid Analysis, completed.
30. Mar. 2010.

NIVOFLIP bypass level indicator

A new member of the NIVELCO product range is the liquid bypass level indicator with optical bi-coloured magnetic flap display.

The instrument can be equipped with high resolution NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitter or optional limit switches. The display, transmitter and magnetic switches are operated by the magnet in the float of the unit.

Main features:

  • optical display
  • measuring range: 500-3500mm
  • max. pressure: 32 bar
  • optional accessories:
  • - level limit switches
  • - high resolution level transmitter
30. Mar. 2010.

NivoTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitter

A new higher performance magnetostrictive level transmitter is now available from NIVELCO. The MT-500 series featuring 0.1 mm resolution and ranges upto 10 m are in production now. The OIML R85 approval for custody transfer measurements is pending.

Main features:

  • 0,1 mm resolution
  • maximum 10m probe length
  • SAP-300 plug-in graphical display
  • HART communication
  • rigid and flexible probes
  • plastic coated versions
  • Ex version
30. Mar. 2010.

THERMOPOINT multipoint temp. transmitter

The new Thermopoint multipoint temperature transmitter is designed for measuring the temperature of grain and feed stored in large silos.

The system can be expanded with Multicont process controller and combined with level transmitters.

Main features:

  • max 30m probe length
  • max 15 temperature sensors
  • HART communication
  • Dust Ex protection
  AnaCONT conductivity transmitter
30. Mar. 2010.       
The LC series mini compact transmitters are part of our standardized production by now. We are glad to introduce besides these transmitters the LE series compact transmitters. Their appearance is similar to our other ‘traditional’ AnaCONT units. These conductivity transmitters are manufactured with 4 electrodes and they measure with high accuracy and have wide measurement range.

Main features:
  • Measuring range: 0,1 uS/cm - 200 mS/cm
  • Optional local display
  • HART communication
  • Ex version
30. Mar. 2010.

AnaCONT dissolved oxigen transmitter

The newest member of the analytical transmitter family is the Dissolved Oxygen meter in compact design. It is available in 10 or 20 ppm measuring range varieties.

  Main features:
  • Measuring range: 0 - 20 ppm
  • Separated versions up to 10 meters
  • Replaceable sensors
  • Graphical display
  • HART communication
  • Ex version
  NIVOMAG magnetic level switch
24. Mar. 2010.       
NIVOMAG - a most popular level switch being a part of our product range for many years can now be ordered with SIL1 certificate. The revised coloured brochure includes all the variations of this model.


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