EasyTREK SP-500

  • The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
    The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.
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  Business man of the year, 2009
09. Dec. 2009.       
The National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (NAEE) has held its awarding ceremony for the “Business man of the Year” this month in the Palace of Arts.
Traditionally the awards are presented on the Day of Entrepreneurs. In the absence of Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, Minister of Development and Economy István Varga and Sándor Demján president of NAEE handed over the prizes. The winners of the prize were selected from over 50,000 nominees.
Among the winners of this highly prestigious award was the owner and CEO of NIVELCO Process Control Co., Mr. Tamás Szőllős, who was nominated by the Central Office of the NAEE (Budapest).
  Process instrumentation III.
27. Nov. 2009.       
This new member of NIVELCO’s series of process animations illustrates the technology of a concrete production plant with the recommended NIVELCOinstrumentation.
The entire process is demonstrated starting from level measurement and switching in the storage silos and ending with the finished product being filled and stored in trucks.
You can access the catalogue or user manual of any of the instruments in the process by clicking on their image.
  Nivelco in China
27. Nov. 2009.       
A regular exhibitor on China's biggest Trade Show in process control, the Miconex, NIVELCO has exhibited on the autumn event in Shanghai.
Aimed at introducing the latest instruments but in the first place our Analytical Instrumentation Range, this Miconex show has presented an excellent forum for boosting the popularity of the NIVELCO products in China.
To utilize the show evenings, a Sales Meeting was organized for our local distributors and attended by all of them.
  Process instrumentation II.
04. Nov. 2009.       
The second part of the instrumentation flowchart series launched by NIVELCO treats the instrumentation of a sewage treatment plant.
It helps choosing the right instrument for each part of the process starting from the sewage pumps to released sewage measurement and biogas production. By clickinig the signs near an instrument you can find its short description with the downloadable datasheets and manuals.
  Guided microwave level transmitter
12. Oct. 2009.       
High precision level measurement and control with guided microwave level transmitter in oil extraction plant
In the process of the vegetable oil production the mass remaining after the first-pressure still contains a large quantity of oil. To extract this oil the mass is leached with some kind of solvent. The solvent solutes the remainig oil from the mass resulting in a mixture of oil and solvent.
In the next step of the process the solvent is eliminated by a distiller from the oil.
  Capacitive transmitters
12. Oct. 2009.       
Setting the range of capacitive transmitters without changing the level o f the measured medium
Among the level transmitters using different measuring principles only the capacitive is the one that requires a level change when setting the range for 4..20mA output which can be a difficult task in many cases.
This is required because the instrument has to "learn" the capacitance values belonging to the lower and upper levels.
  Process instrumentation
01. Oct. 2009.       
NIVELCO launches a new series of animated flowcharts about the instrumentation of different process industries.
Our aim is to give ideas and provide solutions with eye-catching animations to designers, users or contractors using NIVELCO’s wide range of products.
The first part of this series is the presentation of instrumentation of a water production plant.
  New Level
15. Sep. 2009.       
NIVELCO's product range has expanded substantially over the last couple of years, bursting the frame work of our popular Level brochure.
Following our introduction of the Analytical Product Range it no longer can be called "Level" hence our decision to rename it to Product Overview.
The new brochure will appear in the well structured, clearly understandable form you used to like.
  NIVELCO is entering in the field of Liquid Analysis
03. Sep. 2009.       
A product launch of pH and ORP transmitters is expected soon to be followed by other instruments along the same line.

Launching this totally new product range will help NIVELCO to part with its Level Only image by assuming the standing of a vendor with a more complete portfolio of products.
  Company Profile CD
25. Jun. 2009.       
The newest version of NIVELCO’s Company Profile CD has been released. This state-of-the-art multimedia product reveals the history of a 70 year old Hungarian family business. You can follow the development of both the company and of the many generations of industrial measurement instrumentation, starting from a small backyard workshop evolving into a multinational network of companies with the headquarters being NIVELCO Process Control Corporation in Budapest, Hungary.
This CD also contains catalogues for the full line of NIVELCO products, you can browse through reference applications as well as case studies or find a user manual for any NIVELCO instrument.

Request your free copy now!
  NIVISION: water monitoring system
14. May. 2009.       
Monitoring and visualization of technological and service water network of a local food plant with NIVISION software and radio data transfer.
The plant has several wells at different places and at large distances from each other for providing the required water quantity for technological needs and cooling.
The runoff and duty of the wells has been calculated from the working time of the pumps. The monitoring system was set up to ease the work of the operating personnel.
  AnaCONT: New, Compact Analytical Instr.s
29. Apr. 2009.       
NIVELCO Co. has expanded its current product range with new analytical instruments to offer a more complete solution for the demands of industrial process measurements.
Building upon the great success and vast experience behind NIVELCO’s level transmitters, temperature transmitters and sensors manufactured for decades the new analytical product range will consist of 4 different instruments (for measuring of pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen) which cover most of the applications in analytical measurement.
26. Mar. 2009.       
Second time within a year!
Our Exclusive Distributor for Portugal BRESIMAR Soc. Equip. Electricos, Lda has again grabbed a handsome project for 58 units of Ultrasonic transmitters mixed EchoTREKs and EasyTREKs to be used in a wastewater project.
The transmitters will be used along with NIVELCO's Multicont Controller to provide for an efficient two part Ultrasonic System.

Congratulations !
26. Feb. 2009.       
NIVELCO's way to "Business Excellence" ...

Excellent result in respect to performance, customers, associates can be achieved only by a management whose Policy and Strategy is based on a continuous development of associates, partnership, resources and processes.
This is why has NIVELCO endeavoured to improve its Quality Management System based on a periodically audited ISO 9001.
Our target is to instal the TQM (Total Quality Management,)TQM (Total Quality Management) and on the long-term to win the National Award of Quality.
The NIVELCO TQM Project is going to be established by the support of Lonibor Kft..
As a first phase of the project, a Situation Analysis has been done with active participation of the Management and in accordance with theEFQM-Modell. Conclusion of this phase is expected at the end of March 2009.
  NIVOCONT - conductive level switches
12. Feb. 2009.       
Level switches based on the conductivity principle, can be applied to liquids with a conductivity higher than 10 uS/cm.

For detecting the level, probes are immersed into the tank. These probes serve as contacts of an electric circuit.
A maximum of 4 probe-rods can fit in the multiple probe with an additional reference probe. The probes should be cut to the length in accordance with the levels to be detected.
  NIVOROTA - rotary paddle level switches
02. Feb. 2009.       
NIVOROTArotary paddle level switch series of robust design can be used for detecting level of lumpy or powdery materials and granules.
Mounted to tanks, silos and hoppers it can monitor and control level, filling and emptying of stored materials such as stone, fly ash, sand, coal, feed, beet slice, etc.
A small power electric motor drives the paddle, which rotates freely in the absence of the material. When the paddle is impeded by the material reaching it, the motor will be switched off the same time triggering a dry contact control switch.
22. Jan. 2009.       
Acknowledgemnet for the Makett to Gábor Ádám!
  AnaCONT conductivity transmitters
14. Jul. 2009.       
Another milestone in NIVELCO’s expansion on the industrial analytical market has been reached. We are proud to present the new members of the AnaCONT analytical product range: 2 wire AnaCONT conductivity transmitters with 4..20mA and HART output. The transmitters will come in two different versions.
Main features:
  • Measuring range:0,1 uS/cm - 20 mS/cm
  • Cell constants:0,01; 0,1; 1
  • Built-in or replaceable probes
  • Optional local display
  • 4-20 mA + HART output
24. Apr. 2009.

Nivelco is entering in the field of Liquid Analysis

A product launch of pH and ORP transmitters is expected soon to be followed by other instruments along the same line.

Launching this totally new product range will help NIVELCO to part with its Level Only image by assuming the standing of a vendor with a more complete portfolio of products.

Stay tuned for the Product Launch expected in May 2009.


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