EasyTREK SP-500

  • The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
    The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.
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  Nivelco India
08. Nov. 2007.       
NIVELCO India Private Limited has held its first Sales Meeting aimed at launching its nationwide distribution organization. The Meeting held at Khandala, a charming hill resort near Mumbai, on the 14th and 15th of September 2007 was participated by almost all Regional Distributors. Activities included Technical and Marketing Presentations as well as consultations and a brainstorming session at the end.

Distributor Certificates were presented and received by the Regional Distributors.
31. Oct. 2007.       
To aid NIVELCO's European distributors, a new marketing tool was launched recently. The Rolling Level Show as we call our new Demo Vehicle features all the process instrumentation and software manufactured and marketed by NIVELCO. A live demonstration capability was aimed at and achieved by the medium sized van hosting our instruments.

The specious interior of the demonstration cubicle suits for on-site presentations and trainings for smaller groups of people.
First to ride and use the vehicle was the team of NIVELCO Romania.
  Introducing NIVELCO
28. Jun. 2007.       
Founded in 1982 to concentrate on the manufacture of industrial level measurement and control products, NIVELCO now is a world-class level specialist from Hungary.
The NIVELCO strength originates from the solid base created reated by a family business, guided over 70 turbulent years by four basic principles :

Respect for the Knowledge and Experience of the Founders
Professional pride in our Products
Responsibility for our Colleagues and Customers
Ensuring our Products and Services provide Value
21. Jun. 2007.       
NIVELCO has recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation. This celebration has provided an opportunity to take a retrospective view on the history of an enterprise having its roots established nearly 70 years ago.
To celebrate the event in style, NIVELCO has given a great reception in the National Museum of Hungary attended by over 250 guests. An Anniversary Sales Meeting was held in the same timeframe for the best achieving 25 international distributors.
26. Nov. 2007.

New float switch

NIVELCO's level switch range will be enhanced by a new plastic float switch targeted for sewage applications. The double walled robust float is relatively insensitive to the adhering deposits due to its high volume and mass and due to the special shape of the body.

The float switch is designed to control high loads directly enabled by its 10A 250V rating thus eliminating the need of additional control circuitry.
The float may operate with or without counterweight. Adjustable switching differential is achieved by using a counterweight attached to the control/suspension cable of the unit.
09. Nov. 2007.

NP transmitters

A welcome expansion of the NP range of Hydrostatic Level Transmitters is presented by two new model versions.

The screw-in version of the NP transmitters was developed to provide solution for general pressure transmitter applications needing IP 68 ingress protection.
The protected version is meant for applications in contaminated water or wastewater environment. The protection is achieved by means of a screw-on protecting pipe section. The air cushion trapped in the pipe will prevent soiling the membrane of the submersible level transmitter.
09. Nov. 2007.

Consuctivity Level Switch

A new compact conductivity level switch has been launched by NIVELCO aimed at covering applications involving conductive liquids. To complement Nivelco's heavy duty KKH-102 range, the new KKH-200 range features plastic process connection.

The plastic housing also featured is equipped with transparent cover to facilitate for visual status indication. A basic improvement over the earlier model is provided by the independent sensitivity adjustment possibility of the two switching relays as well as the undependably settable delay times. The new compact conductivity switch is available with one or two relays respectively.
  New Multicont
09. Nov. 2007.       
NIVELCO has revamped its bestselling Multicont controller. The new unit now features a larger dot-matrix LCD display and an infrared port aimed at uploading new software versions.
Also, the new Multicont is able to cooperate with additional relay and current generator modules, it handles up to 64 control relays and up to 15 current outputs in its expanded version.
This unique menu driven 1 to 15 channel controller cooperates with all transmitters made by NIVELCO using the bus-like HART Multidrop technique.
09. Nov. 2007.

Rotary Paddle Level Switch

A new AC powered Rotary Paddle Level Switch is available from NIVELCO now. By launching the new 6… series of the Nivorota Rotary Paddle Level switches, NIVELCO’s level switch range for free flowing solids becomes even more complete.

The new low cost device features a small metal housing providing for adaptability for processes offering less space for a level switch, thus smaller sized hoppers and bins can be targeted as well.
The motor shut-off featured as special by the new unit is aimed at extending motor life.
27. Sep. 2007.


A new version of the popular Nivopress Submersible Level Transmitters was launched in September 2006. The unit featuring a large ceramic membrane comes with a ±0,25% basic accuracy and its model selection enables a coverage of applications between 1 and 20 m.

The fully integrated stainless steel probe is equipped with a signal cable of polyurethane insulation. The cable is strong enough to provide for suspending the probe. The main application area of the new probe is sewage and contaminated water.
27. Aug. 2007.


Launched in March 2006 NIVELCO's new range of Nivoswitch Vibrating Forks were created to offer alternative for level switching in free flowing solids.

This new level switch will occupy an important place in NIVELCO's multi-technology portfolio by offering a high sensitivity needed for light mediums and great robustness necessary in applications involving coarse lumpy solids. The switch features power relay or electronic outputs and comes in three different housing alternatives.
30. Jan. 2007.       
NIVELCO's new Nivision software launched in August 2007 facilitates visualization of data provided by a process control system consisting of many transmitters. Displaying of measuring data as well as other process variables will take place on the monitor screen of a computer along with the visualization of the whole process.
Nivision is also suitable to monitor set limits of the process as well to visualize them. Logging is also included in Nivision, storing of data is performed by the computer. Data storage and export are basic functions of Nivision.
Further options of Nivision are a user assignable multi level access system, and connectivity to LAN networks as well as web accessibility by using a suitable browser.
Either directly or through a Multicont all kinds of NIVELCO transmitters featuring HART can be hooked on the PC running the Nivision program. A maximum of 15 transmitters can connect to the PC if interfacing is done by the SAT-304 HART modem made by NIVELCO.


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