EasyTREK SP-500

  • The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
    The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.

   NIVISION - (Process visualization software) : SOFTWARE

  • Short description: NIVISION is a VISION X9 based process visualization software which uses the XSDL (Extensible Structure Declaration Language) programming and configuring language. NIVISION can visualize a process control system built with NIVELCO instruments on a PC. The instruments can either be intelligent transmitters with analogue output or digital communication, or different switches based on different measuring principles.
  • Adjustment, programming: Can be visualized on a remote computer (with no NIVISION installed) through a local area network (LAN) or the Internet using an ordinary internet browser. It is a perfect solution for small and medium sized process control systems where setting up a SCADA system is too expensive
  • Functions: The tankpark layout with tanks, instrumentation and other process devices can easily be visualized.

  • Suggested applications: The end-user draws the technological, operational and functional requirements of the application.
    Based on the customer’s requirements the developer configures the visualization project in the NIVISION developer system graphically and makes the required programming. The developer system can only be accessed by the project developer.
    The finalized project can be executed by the end-user using the NIVISION runtime system.
  • Advantages:
    ■ Displaying of measured values
    ■ Trend monitoring
    ■ Database handling, Archiving
    ■ Remote connection (LAN or Internet)

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8
  • Input port: RS232, RS485 or USB
  • Free disk space: Min. 5 GB


  • Communication with intelligent transmitters or switches and controllers
  • Tank configuration
  • Transmitter configuration
  • Real-time trend analysis
  • Data logging
  • Database handling
  • Archiving
  • „Web-Ready” symbols and animations
  • Remote connection on the Internet


  • Custom-tailored software for industrial process visualization
  • Online monitoring of measured values
  • Tank-farm visualization
  • Alarm systems
  • Inventory management


  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8
  • Input port: RS232, RS485 or USB
  • Free disk space: Min. 5 GB


  • Communication with intelligent transmitters or switches and controllers
  • Tank configuration
  • Transmitter configuration
  • Real-time trend analysis
  • Data logging
  • Database handling
  • Archiving
  • „Web-Ready” symbols and animations
  • Remote connection on the Internet
  • Custom-tailored software for industrial process visualization
  • Online monitoring of measured values
  • Tank-farm visualization
  • Alarm systems
  • Inventory management
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8
  • Input port: RS232, RS485 or USB
  • Free disk space: Min. 5 GB

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User's Manual  Mb.  
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Product Certificates  Mb.  

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2016 - Konstanca, SARGEANT MARINE ROMANIA S.R.L., Románia

The end-user SARGEANT MARINE ROMANIA S.R.L. is an England-based company having leading role in the Romanian road construction industry for nearly 20 years considering the amount of produced bitumen. The company’s facility is located in Constanța in the coast of the Black Sea where the bitumen is stored in 7 high capacity (9000 m3) tanks. The measurement task was the following:
  • Continuously measure the stored volume in the tanks
  • Temperature measurement in three points inside the tank
  • Providing high fail-safe alarm with sound and visual indication
  • Local displaying of the measurement data
  • Collecting and logging the data in a central computer
  • Volume correction based on the measured temperature

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • PiloTREK WHS-150-4 – 1 pc
  • PiloTREK WJS-182-4 – 6 pcs
  • THERMOCONT TBC-526-4 – 21 pcs
  • NIVOCAP CMV-115-1 – 7 pcs
  • MultiCONT PRD-2MA-1 – 3 pcs
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1 – 2 pcs
  • NIVISION process visualization software



2016 - Granule silo, Wolf Plastic, Hungary

WOLF PLASTIC plastics processing company in Fertőszentmiklós prepares its products in the best tested ways of injection moulding and blow moulding procedure, such as storage containers, watering cans, other household items, and a wide variety of different garden tools. The equipped level transmitters continuously measuring the level in the silos and transmit the measured values to the MultiCONT signal processing module which transmitted the data to a PC. The MultiCONT unit allows the display of the measured values and the remote programming of the level transmitters. NIVISON process visualization software made by NIVELCO is installed to the central PC that offers a wide range of visualization elements of the measured and limit values for the factory management and to employees.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • EasyTREK SCD-33J-4 - 12 db
  • NIVOSONAR SFA-355-0 - 12 db
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 4 db
  • MultiCONT PRC-2MA-1 - 1 db
  • NIVISION folyamatmegjelenítő szoftver



2016 - Tank farm, Borealis, Italy :: Distributor: Isoil Industria Spa

Borealis offers a comprehensive range of innovative polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) solutions. ISOIL supplied monitoring tank farm and process control level switches The UNICONT PDF loop indicator displays the data of four weighing cell in the control room. The measurement results of the measured cells can be integrated into the system and can be displayed with the NIVISION software. The NIVOCONT R vibrating rod level switches perform lower or upper level control for small mixing tanks while the ultrasonic and guided microwave level transmitters measure the raw material and finished product storage tanks.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • MicroTREK HTN-412-4 - 2 pcs
  • EasyTREK SCD-330-4 - 3 pcs
  • EchoTREK STD-33J-3 - 18 pcs
  • NIVOCONT RKH-602-1 - 75 pcs
  • UNICONT PDF-401-4 - 1 pc
  • MultiCONT PRW-18A-2 - 4 pcs
  • NIVISION software


2015 - Zalakaros Thermal Spa, Zalakaros, Hungary

Last year Zalakaros Thermal Spa set the aim to implement an advanced building management system using the most recent technology available. The launch of the project was planned in two stages. In the first stage a complete data logging and data analysing system has been implemented and then in the next stage the complete process automation system will be based on this.
The BMS is able to collect and evaluate the data of the following systems:
  • Electrical power system
  • HVAC systems
  • Security and safety system
  • Fire protection system
  • Closed circuit camera system

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • EasyTREK SPA-300
  • NIPRESS D-400


2015 - AVIMIX APA S.R.L., Sanislau, Romania :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii

The AVIMIX APA S.R.L. established a new grain drying and storage facility near the Hungarian border in the town of Sanislau. The task was to provide level and temperature measurement system for four grain silos. In addition local display in the central control room and in an office computer was also required along with data-logging. Designing of the cable-architecture and the cable routes for the proper communication was also the part of the task. After the installation of the measurement system there was an intensive one month testing period while all the silos were filled with grains and the logged measurement data were investigated much more frequently than the planned.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • THERMOPOINT TMH-55D-8 Ex - 28 pcs
  • THERMOPOINT TMH-55G-8 Ex - 4 pcs
  • EasyTREK SCD-33J-8 Ex - 4 pcs
  • MultiCONT PRW-2MA-1 - 3 pcs
  • NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 2 pcs
  • JAD-4520 (ADAM adapter) - 1 pcs
  • NIVISION software


2012 - Oil tank park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates :: Distributor: Dutco Tennant LLC.

Oil tank park in Dubai is equipped with MicroTREK guided radar level transmitters and THERMOPOINT multipoint temperature transmitters. The system is monitored by NIVISION process visualization software.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • MicroTREK HTT-414-4 - 11 pcs
  • THERMOPOINT TMK-53E-4 - 11 pcs
  • MultiCONT PEW-28A-1 - 3 db pcs


2012 - Agrokémia Sellye Zrt., Sellye, Hungary

NIVELCO instruments are used in the pesticide production of Agrokémia Sellye Zrt. All transmitters and infra-red sensors are connected to the controlling server. This computer is running a NIVISION process visualization software which enables the unified data management of the measurement values, visual displaying of each process and batch tracking with receipt logging.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • NIVOTRACK MTC-522-8Ex - 10 pcs
  • EchoTREK SGF-380-8 Ex - 2 pcs
  • MultiCONT PRC-24A-5Ex
  • NIRED IRV-111-1


2012 - NT Food Kft., Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary

The NT Food Kft. in Kiskunfélegyháza produces hot pressed, extracted, raw and refined sunflower cooking oil, their best-known brand in Hungary is called Kunsági Éden. The company is the largest Hungarian owned edible oil producer for over 15 years. The implemented measurement system monitors the batch numbers assigned to the raw materials during the whole manufacturing process from the input seed state to the bottled oil state.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • MicroTREK HHS-410-8 Ex - 4 pcs
  • MicroTREK HTN-415-4 - 3 pcs
  • NIVOTRACK MTK-540-4 - 4 pcs
  • NIVOTRACK MTK-5A0-4 - 4 pcs
  • THERMOCONT TSP-211-0 - 33 pcs
  • THERMOCONT TSP-215-0 - 42 pcs
  • NIVOPRESS DTE 551-8 Ex - 2 pcs
  • NIPRESS DRE-452-2 - 4 pcs
  • NIMET BLV-141-4 - 152 pcs
  • MultiCONT PRW-2MA-2
  • UNICONT PJK-102-4 - 8 pcs


2011 - Spumotim - Pitesti, Romania :: Distributor: NIVELCO T.M. S.R.L.

EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic transmitters measure the level of polyol and isocyanate tanks in Spumotim's site. NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks perform low level switch.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • EasyTREK 8pcs.
  • NIVOSWITCH RFM-400 8pcs.
  • MultiCONT PR-200 1pcs.
  • UNICONT PJK-100 4pcs.


2011 - ÉMV Incineration plant in Sajóbábony, Hungary

MicroTREK guided microwave and NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters measure the level in xylol and boric acid tanks.

Read more ... High precision level measurement in ÉMV Incineration Plant (Hungary)

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex 4 pcs.
  • NIVOTRACK MTC-530-8 Ex 3 pcs.
  • MicroTREK HHR-428-8 Ex 4 pcs.
  • UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex 11 pcs.
  • NIPOWER PPK-331 3 pcs.


2011 - Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Kft, Dunaharaszti

Level measurement of a tank park in the beverage production. Level measurement with MicroTREK guided radar level transmitters

Read more ... Level measurement of a tank farm in beverage production

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • MicroTREK HTF 15 pcs
  • MicroTREK HTD 2 pcs
  • MultiCONT PEW 2 pcs
  • UNICONT PDF-501 2 pcs


2009 - Saint-Gobain WEBER, Romania :: Distributor: Nivelco TM S.R.L.

Level measurement of raw material silos in plaster production process. The process is visualized on a central computer using the Nivision software.

Read more ... Level measurement in the Saint Gobain Weber plaster factory

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • 6pcs MicroTREK HTN-408-4
  • NIVISION process visualization software


2009 - Service Station, Australia :: Distributor: SEMRAD

Accurate and linearized level measurement of different fuels in service stations using guided microwave radars. The system is completed with MultiCONT controllers and Nivision software. The advantage of Nivision supervision is the WEB access.

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  Nivelco's instruments:
  • 60pcs MicroTREK HTT-410-8
  • 30pcs MultiCONT PRW-1RA-6
  • NIVISION process visualization software with WEB access


2009 - Budafoki Baromfifeldolgozó Kft., Budapest, Hungary

Process visualization of the water system of the plant with Nivision software. Level measurement of the wells is done by Nivopress N hydrostatic pressure transmitters. Level in the water tower and water tanks is measured by Echotrek ultrasonic level transmitter. Large distance data transmission is done by wireless communication system.

Read more ... Visualization of service water network of a food plant with Nivision software

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • 3pcs EchoTREK SEA-380
  • 5pcs NIVOPRESS NPK-2310
  • 6pcs THERMOCONT TTJ-521
  • Nivision process visualization software


2007 - Gallicoop Pulykafeldolgozó ZRt., Szarvas, Hungary

Various level metering tasks in cooking oil vessels of a turkey meat processing plant. NIVISION ensures plant control transparency.

  Nivelco's instruments:
  • 2 pcs. of NIVOTRACK MTA-326-4
  • 1 pc. of MultiCONT PRW-14A-1
  • NIVISION proccess visualization software


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